Centre for Affective Management, Experiential Learning and Outdoor Training.

Taken literally, CAMELOT represents the legendary kingdom of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table – a symbol of the strength of leadership, professional integrity and moral caliber. It captures the spirit of team forging, cultural diversity and enduring friendship.
Our specialty in outdoor education and passion to encourage participants to learn beyond conventional methods of books and lectures/seminars has influenced Camelot to adopt the Experiential Learning Methodology. We strongly believe that values are best cultivated through personal experience.
Camelot currently has several campsites all over Singapore and Asia. These campsites include Pulau Ubin, and even China, Men Tou Gou.

Our Vision

To be the leading centre that is equipped with cutting-edge knowledge to provide high quality services and programmes in the field of affective and outdoor experiential education.

Our Operating Philosophy

  • To develop individual’s awareness and inculcate individual’s responsibility towards oneself, others and the community
  • To inculcate values of compassion, service and respect in the community through a system build from support, friendship, cooperation and trust
  • To provide opportunities to learn life skills, social skills and their analysis; in the process of action and reflection
  • To promote the spirit of exploration, adventure and discovery; building confidence and resilience in the process
  • To provide a dynamic learning environment, managed in accordance to explicit safety standards and procedures, where participants feel free and confident to enjoy their learning journey